Data Managed Services

Get continuous management of your data environments, ensuring data integrity, availability and information security without losing control of costs.

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The constant management of data environments anticipates and mitigates risks during migration, in addition to ensuring high performance, cost control, updating and optimization.

These are some of the benefits we offer with our managed data services.

In addition to all these benefits, we spare no effort to minimize impacts on the functioning of your organization’s cloud environments. Thus, the time lag between ingesting the data into its original storage and making that data available is reduced.

Want to take the next step in your cloud journey?

Count on our specialized professionals and our consolidated partnerships with Microsoft and Snowflake.

Check below how we help your company in data management!

  • Monitoring execution and consumption of Data Pipelines
  • Review of Good Architecture Practices
  • Performance Evaluation and Consultations
  • Capacity management by type of workloads, data domains and concurrency.
  • Security compliance analysis of data environments
  • Access and identity management in data environments
  • Exposed data detection and security recommendations
  • Cost analysis with top offenders and recommendations
  • Cost alerts and notifications according to consumption patterns
  • Review of data storage and retention policies
  • Re-architecting, provisioning, and scaling suggestions for data workloads
  • Backup management of the storage layers that make up the Data Lake
  • Versioning of scripts and templates for data ingestion, transformation and orchestration pipelines
  • Disaster Recovery Strategies and Environment Restoration

Aiming to guarantee the best management in each of the pillars, Dedalus also uses tools, operations and processes. Check it out below!


Modern data environments demand well-instrumented and proactive monitoring. As they are charged according to the use and use of specific data solutions, this activity is crucial for the cost and performance to be within the expected standard.

Data environment monitoring

Performed by a team of trained professionals with extensive experience in data environments and large volumes. We monitor the data pipelines, focusing on ensuring that our customers' data is:

  • Ingested from the most diverse origins
  • Made available at its expected destination location, undergoing transformations where necessary.
Data Operations

It covers the maintenance and support of data environments throughout their lifecycle. How it is used and accessed securely and consistently by companies that need reliable data for their decision-making.

Activities related to Operation management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Crisis management
  • Change management
  • Settings management
  • Identity and access management
  • 24x7 technical support
Data Governance

Our team of specialists promote monitoring activities to ensure the quality and security of the data, permeating the activities included in the pillars of Performance, Security and Costs at Dedalus.


We use a set of detailed best practices for managing IT services, which allows for better structured and controlled workflows.

With ITSM, we promote integration between tools from monitoring, customers and partners, process automation with standardization through a service catalog, all managed in a unified IT platform.

Service Indicators

For all Service Levels and in real time, we provide our clients with reports containing service indicators and information related to the data environment managed by Dedalus.

The managerial book is available online, accessed through the Dedalus ticket opening tool for consultation in real time. It also includes the following information:

  • Follow-up on tickets (Lifecycle of tickets)
  • Service Time Analysis - SLA
  • Review of users enabled to access the system
SLA - Dedalus Service Level Agreement

With the SLA, it is possible to determine the form and priorities of service for calls opened with Dedalus, defining time standards of:

  • Service
  • Answers
  • Solutions to problems or incidents

If any incidents and/or occur in Microsoft Azure services, we support you in opening and following up the technical call with the providers.

Portal de Atendimento ao Cliente

Incorporamos soluções tendo como base o ITSM, possibilitando a automatização dos processos internos e garantindo uma melhor estrutura para o atendimento de nossos clientes.

Destaque para a possibilidade de acompanhamento pelo cliente, por meio de dashboards com o cockpit operacional em tempo real das filas. Isso proporciona à gestão de operações de TI da Dedalus ser mais eficiente e transparente.

Advantages of adopting Dedalus Managed Data Services

More efficient flow management

Support in financial management

Strengthening of company processes

Fault recognition

Identification of growth possibilities

Continuous improvements

Compliance with best practices in data design

Agility in decision making

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