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Managed Cloud Services guarantee continuous management for modern, high-performance and optimized cloud environments, ensuring your company to evolve without bad surprises, with quality, lower costs and total control.

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Management is the execution of public cloud infrastructure services. We help you control these cloud environments in a dynamic and scalable way with our managed cloud services.

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With specialized professionals and MSP (Managed Service Provider) competence audited and recognized by our partners Microsoft and AWS, we go far beyond the technical support offered by the market.

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Dedalus’ Cloud Managed Services are based on 4 main pillars. Find out more below!

The environment's workloads are evaluated not only to ensure good architectural practices, but also the minimum requirements for its full functioning. We also analyze the types of resources, current use and propose improvements to maintain the necessary performance.

In other words, our work is from the beginning to the end to ensure that your cloud environments obtain maximized performance and results, in addition to constant improvements in workloads.

Activities that are part of this service:
  • Infrastructure Capacity Management.

  • Infrastructure performance assessment to serve the application layer.

  • Monitoring application development metrics and errors, supporting client teams in troubleshooting and performance (when APM is activated and running in the environment).

  • Monitoring metrics and errors in the database layer, to resolve performance issues (when Dedalus monitoring tools are in use).

  • Quarterly evaluation of the architecture, to analyze capacity and adapt to business demands.

  • Assessment of architecture and capacity on demand, for seasonal periods and events.

Since Cloud security is a point of great concern and shared responsibility, it needs to be built and managed.

The work of our experts combined with the best automation tools on the market, mitigates the risks of attacks and information leaks. We also act in a consultative manner, constantly signaling areas for improvement.

To meet this need, Dedalus offers, among others, the following services:
  • Service updates and patches.
  • Application layer protection – WAF.
  • Protection against unauthorized use or access to information.
  • Server Layer Protection – IDS/IPS. Antimalware, Firewall.
  • Protection against Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks – Edge Computing.
  • Use of best Security practices for Cloud Services (Compliance).
  • Scanning and testing application and infrastructure vulnerabilities.
  • Analysis and application of corrections based on scan and test results.

As the environment evolves and changes, costs can get out of control and make progress on projects unfeasible and even impact the growth of your company.

Therefore, our Cost Management pillar guarantees the breadth of monitoring and control, as well as ensuring that investments in the cloud are more assertive and strategic.

Want to migrate to the cloud? First, it is important to answer some questions:

  • Do we evaluate costs when selecting solutions?
  • Have we sized resources correctly?
  • Have we selected the appropriate pricing model?
  • Do we ensure that performance matches and does not exceed what we need?

If all the answers are yes, your company is ready to make the migration!

Cost Governance Stages

Cost Governance has the general objective of optimizing available resources to maximize cloud investment and results through 3 steps:


It consists of an architectural assessment of the environment to identify public offenders and assessment with a focus on reducing waste. With views from different perspectives, it analyzes different scenarios considering cloud consumption by: customers, products, projects, owners, environments, areas, functions and cost centers.


Actions to control expenses, consumption of operational resources, performance and asset management are carried out with the support of integration and automation tools with the aim of controlling Performance, Audit and Security. Billing management, with detailed resources, enables control and guidance of Governance processes.


Environment monitored 24×7 and sending a weekly report to optimize costs.

Constant management of environments, ensuring availability and restoration in case of failure – all in the shortest possible time. Both data and configurations are preserved through the use of optimal tools and specific methodologies.

We also promote trend assessments and carry out effective procedures to restore environments, monitoring the platform and its systems.

  • Granular data backup configuration and management, compatible with servers (EC2 and VM).

  • Execution of backup restoration tests, on demand.

  • Dedalus orchestrates granular backups.

  • Automatic monthly report containing the health of the month's granular backup.

  • Monitoring backup jobs to identify and resolve issues related to scheduling.

  • Configuration and orchestration of Snapshots of cloud services (Provider Services that are compatible with Snapshot).

  • Dedalus orchestrates Snapshots, as aligned with the client.

Thinking about the best management for each of the pillars, Dedalus is based on tools, operations and processes.

Cloud Services Monitoring
Infrastructure Monitoring

We monitor infrastructure in an advanced manner through frequent collection of informationTherefore, we constantly collect information, generating alerts and proactive calls to support cloud environments.

Our cloud management allows us to be even more proactive in analyzing and resolving infrastructure and service problems.

Advanced Database Monitoring

In order to simplify time-consuming and complex analysis tasks, the database monitoring service allows visibility of errors and/or adjustments so that the database's performance is maximized, without requiring computational resources.

Advanced application monitoring

Web applications (Java, PHP, .NET. ASP, Ruby, Go) are monitored in an advanced way, which guarantees the generation of alerts, assessment of ecosystem problems (Database, Integrations, external dependencies, API's), identification and problem solving regarding the application and dependencies (databases, webservices,API's, among others).

Cloud Services Monitoring

Collecting performance and availability information about the services used allows the generation of alerts to identify problems. Therefore, through the integration of solutions with the customer's account, we guarantee visibility of the entire ecosystem that makes up the architecture, allowing us to have a broad view of the services.

Cloud Operations | OS Operations | BD Operations | Operation Middleware
Setup and migration

Implementation and/or Migration of the environment to the cloud, following good architectural practices recommended by global cloud providers and migration methodologies adherent to the Cloud Computing model, minimizing risks and impacts on the operation.

What is included in this process?

  • Migration Plan
  • Use of good practices
  • Capacity Management before Go-Live
  • Analysis and understanding of the Business
  • Defining the Project Scope
  • Project Management (Project Design, Risk Analysis, Schedule, Status Report)
  • Suggestions for improvements during the
  • Implementation/migration process
  • Complete and detailed documentation of the cloud environment after project completion
Operation Management

The operation of cloud environments is carried out by our operations team, responsible for managing the entire environment to ensure the support of all cloud computing services and resources. Therefore, we provide a list of escalation and focal points that manage your cloud computing environment.


To ensure a set of detailed best practices for IT service management, we follow Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards.

ITSM allows for more structured and controlled workflows, integration between monitoring tools, customers and partners, process automation through a service catalog, all managed on a unified IT platform.

With the possibility of monitoring, using dashboards with the real-time operational cockpit of the queues, making management much more efficient and transparent.

Service Indicators

At all Service Levels, we provide reports with service indicators to our customers, containing information related to the managed environment.

The online management book can be accessed, at any time, through the ticket opening tool for real-time consultation, containing the following information:

  • Service Time Analysis – SLA
  • Monitoring of calls (life cycle of calls)
  • Review of users authorized to access the system
SLA - Service Level Agreement

The SLA defines the method and priorities for responding to open calls, determining, among other things, response time standards and solutions to problems or incidents. In the event of any incidents and/or occurrences in the manufacturers' services, we provide full support in opening and monitoring the technical call with the providers.

Customer Service Portal

We incorporate solutions based on Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) as a way of investing in the consolidation of our services and the modernization of their operations. This allows the automation of internal processes and guarantees an even better and more optimized structure for serving your customers.

Another highlight is the possibility of monitoring the process by our customers, using dashboards with the real-time operational cockpit of the queues, thus making operations management much more efficient and transparent with Dedalus.

Main benefits

Efficient cost management

Cost Management not only guarantees the breadth of monitoring and control, but also ensures that investments made in the cloud are more assertive and strategic.

Shorter time to market

Immediate execution of cloud projects by extremely qualified and experienced professionals.

Experienced teams

Our team of multidisciplinary experts has numerous certifications and extensive experience not only in implementing, but also in managing thousands of cloud computing environments.

Automation and optimization

To ensure greater precision, quality, risk reduction and competitiveness, we rely on tools from leading companies in the sector. This enables us to automate and optimize performance, security, cost and continuity management.

Auditable processes

In order to guarantee quality of delivery and proof of practical, high-level results, we are frequently audited by our partners.

Consolidated leadership

We are the leading company in Latin America in cloud management, recognized by ISG Provider Lens™ (world leader in technological research) and Frost & Sullivan.


MSP stands for Managed Service Provider and is an experienced partner specialized in managing cloud environments throughout the entire journey, from planning, architecture, implementation to the ongoing management of this environment, providing organizations with better performance, security and greater cost control.

Having an MSP partner is the ideal strategy for you to achieve better results for your company!

IT consultancy

Services provided by experts in the field for companies.

Disaster Recovery

Actions planned and applied, in a preventive manner, during and after a disaster.

Network infrastructure

Connects technological equipment and computers to facilitate information management.

Information security

Actions to protect data produced or stored by companies.


Verification of a company’s security policies and correction of vulnerabilities.

IT support

Services provided to give assistance to technological infrastructure (on premise or cloud).

Proactive monitoring

Methodologies and tools to monitor companies’ cloud infrastructure in real time.


Security solution that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic to block or allow data transmission and reception.

Backup in Cloud

Copy of files stored remotely in a cloud repository.

Data redundancy

Copies kept to be accessed as backups in case of damage or failure to physical and virtual components.

Server Virtualization

Process of dividing a physical server into several unique and isolated virtual servers through a software application.

Cloud Computing

Technology used to store data in the cloud.

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