Azure Data

Structure and collect data in a simple and agile way with Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft Azure has data solutions widely adopted by the market, from cloud computing infrastructure to resources that expand the business’s productive capacity.

Our goal, together with Microsoft Azure, is to offer technological support to companies to obtain business insights from data analysis.

We are part of a select list of Brazilian companies with Azure Expert MSP certification.

While Microsoft Azure provides all the infrastructure needed to run your enterprise applications, it also offers data collection and management, serving as a single source of truth for insights and new strategies.

How it works

PaaS model

In the Platform as a Service model, Microsoft Azure offers a complete cloud environment, with resources from the simplest to the most sophisticated business applications.

This model includes:

  • Infrastructure
  • Servers
  • Storage and networking
  • Middleware
  • Development Tools
  • BI (Business Intelligence) Services
  • Database Management Systems

And many other services that allow you to save on software licenses, infrastructure or development tools.

IaaS model

The Infrastructure as a Service Model is a cloud computing service that works on demand. By migrating infrastructure to an IaaS solution, you reduce maintenance on local data centers, save on hardware, and gain important business insights in real time.

Furthermore, with IaaS you have:

  • Flexibility to scale up and down IT resources
  • Increased reliability and supportability
  • Reducing expenses and optimizing costs
  • Reliable infrastructure that meets SLAs
  • Disaster or outage recovery
  • Safer apps and data
  • Deliver applications faster

When you migrate to Azure IaaS, you innovate with secure, scalable cloud services, modernizing your IT department with cutting-edge cloud infrastructure.

Manage your data with Azure

Since management is automated, companies that join Azure waste less time collecting and analyzing data, and can invest this time in becoming more productive.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also features offered on Azure. These technologies allow for detailed and complex data analysis, different from traditional reports, bringing new insights and pointing out new directions.

All this automation of data collection and analysis serves to reformulate processes and assist in the decision-making process, as well as increasing the quality of delivery to the customer.

If you are looking for services that contribute to data management, structuring and analysis, we can help you.

Data Managed Services

  • Data migration
  • Data collection and cleaning
  • Data storage
  • Data Warehouse Structuring and Governance
  • Data exploration

Professional Data Services

  • Mapping of data sources
  • Data cleaning
  • Data crossing
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Data exploration

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