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Implementation and Migration

We set up a modern work environment.

Identity Management
Creation of a unique and non-transferable digital identity for each hardware, application, process or person. A complete identity and access management solution with built-in security that connects users to their applications, devices and data in a controlled manner through Microsoft Entra-specific solutions and tools.
Device and Application Management
Device and Application Management professional services define per-device access policies that can be controlled for each of the applications, individually per device.
Compliance Management
Professional Compliance Management Services provide management and protection of confidential data.
Threat Protection Management
Focused on protecting against sophisticated malware and digital attacks that want to steal sensitive data, the Threat Protection Management Services mitigate risks through an intuitive and centralized policy management platform that allows the complete management of the security landscape of the infrastructure and information.

Adoption Plan

Created for organizations interested in more effective ways to maximize their investment in Microsoft 365, this service serves as a guide for identifying and executing specific tasks, aiming to adopt a new work culture.

Here at Dedalus, we assess the level of use of each tool adopted by your company, later developing a system that monitors the environments, generating reports with usage metrics for each workload.

Some recommendations on how to increase or improve the use of the tools are included in the reports, increasing the productivity and collaboration potential that the Microsoft 365 suite can offer.

It means that this service ensures successful adoption of new technologies based on understanding how Microsoft 365 can help solve business challenges.

Environment Assessment (Workplace Modernization)
This service aims to analyze the productivity environment of companies by performing a comprehensive assessment of the environment including machines, security and identity, productivity servers and user profiles.

After the analysis, possible consolidations and/or migrations are proposed, based on the needs of each type of user.

LGPD Assessment
The LGPD Assessment aims to support companies in adapting to the General Data Protection Law, where topics such as technologies used, improvements and degree of maturity of use, organizational processes and data and identity security are analyzed.
Through this assessment, your company will have a guide to a better understanding of data maturity and privacy practices.
Security and Compliance Assessment (Cyber Security)
When we address the topic of Cybersecurity, we are referring to cyber risks, such as fraud related to digital technology or the Internet of Things (IOT).

Hacker attacks, account and data leaks, email and cell phone intrusions are some examples of weaknesses due to lack of focus and/or cybersecurity strategy.

So we analyze your company’s security maturity in relation to current best practices in the market, including structural and procedural security, technology applications and CiSv7 maturity. As a result of this analysis, we present actions to update and adjust environments, practices, controls and processes seeking more resilience and security.

Team Assessment
We analyzed the communication, collaboration and storage environment with regard to chatbots, Teams Apps, telephony, meetings, lives and sharing in order to detail an implementation plan, use and modernization of the technology environment through the Microsoft platform.

What is Microsoft FastTrack?

Service designed to help companies that use solutions like Microsoft 365Microsoft 365 to move theirexisting systems and data to the cloud, thus facilitating and optimizing their operation.

With FastTrack, your company makes full use of all contracted products and services, helping to deploy Microsoft cloud solutions.

By pairing FastTrack with our Microsoft 365 professional services, we deliver even better results for your business. And you still have the guarantee of having a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and Azure Expert Managed Service Provider company.
Our team of experts, in partnership with FastTrack, lays out a plan to drive the achievement of your goals, providing guidance on:

Business goals

Infrastructure requirements

Timelines and resources needed

Accelerate adoption securely with our experts using FastTrack!

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