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From migrating to optimizing cloud environments, our Professional Cloud Services help companies achieve their business objectives.
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Agility, efficiency, scalability and cost analysis.

These are some of the advantages that optimizing cloud environments offers.

The benefits of migrating to the cloud are clear

Additionally, cloud-based solutions greatly reduce response time,simplifying the steps required to resolve critical issues.

And this ability to respond quickly to your customers’ changing needs and new demands is critical in today’s competitive markets.

Scale and manage your operations quickly

Maximize your results while minimizing costs and risks for your company

Count on a team of certified and qualified cloud experts

Discover our Professional Cloud Services and understand how we can help your business

Implementation and Migration

We follow the best market practices, recommended by the largest cloud providers in the world. We minimize risks, costs and impacts on your operation by using methodologies that adhere to the cloud computing model.

  • Business analysis and understanding

  • Defining the project scope

  • Migration plan

  • Project management (Project Plan, - Risk Analysis, Schedule, Status Report)

  • Capacity management before Go-Live

  • Suggestions for improvements during the Implementation/Migration process

  • Complete documentation of the cloud environment after project completion.

Cloud Computing Cost Analysis

We develop cost and consumption control plans, resource capacity management and architectural transformation, using a continuous governance model for cloud environments. We thus optimize the use of financial resources, so you can obtain the maximum possible return on the amount invested.

Good Practice Plan

Designed to serve companies that need to plan and carry out digital transformation. We provide a complete analysis of cloud environments, followed by a report with architecture, governance, security, compliance and risk recommendations, in accordance with practices recommended by our partners.

This promotes immeasurable advantages in both short and long term, after all, the plan guarantees that your company will be up to date and following the security and compliance practices of our partners.

Environment Optimization

Specialized analysis with recommendations that cover good practices and technologies, to review some basic concepts about governance, maintaining the balance of costs, performance, availability and, of course, the scalability of the operation. Our goal is to ensure that technological resources are always aligned with your company’s demands and objectives.

App Innovation

With Dedalus App Innovation we support your organization in digital transformation by modernizing legacy applications. Through Azure Cloud services for .NET and Java we guarantee the performance and scalability of your business, all in accordance with good DevOps and Well Architected Framework (WAF) practices.

Infrastructure Transformation and Modernization

We carry out an analysis and deliver recommendations on the use of the main resources that provide better performance and optimization of investments in your cloud infrastructure. Highly recommended for all types of businesses, regardless of the stage of the cloud journey you are at.

DevOps Consulting Services

We offer consultancy for a structured plan and recommendations for implementing good DevOps practices, as well as consultancy for the architecture of the cloud computing environment, automation of the deployment cycle, identity management and continuous monitoring considering technologies and tools.

Business Continuity Plan

We create a contingency environment for the conventional environment to ensure that your business does not stop if there is a serious incident or any other exceptional situation. Through exceptional knowledge and experience, our team plans how the service will be managed through specific work in the consultancy model.
Migration Assessment

We evaluate the feasibility of migration, carrying out application discovery, roadmap, migration planning and architecture design, also ensuring adoption of cloud computing without risks or impacts on your operation.

Data Assessment and Infra Migration

In addition to mapping the entire server environment, we analyze your business needs, and with that, we indicate the benefits of an optimized migration.

Cost Optimization Assessment

We optimize your company’s costs through control plans and architectural transformation. This analysis proposes a continuous governance model for the cloud environment, which provides the information necessary for your company to operate and manage its environment in a safe, effective and efficient way, based on current consumption.

Azure Express Assessment

We support you in choosing the cloud and benefits from an infrastructure migration based on data collected in the cloud environment.

Azure Foundations Assessment

We analyze your company’s cloud maturity and put together an adoption plan, in accordance with the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), taking into account your business, its challenges and its opportunities.

Did you know that cloud-based solutions can improve response time by up to 50%, reducing the steps needed to resolve critical issues?

And this ability to respond quickly to your customers’ changing needs and new demands is critical in today’s competitive markets.

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