We are leaders in cloud computing and data services

We connect companies, people and technologies helping them to explore their maximum potential.

We know how hard it is for companies to remain competitive with the correct, full and up-to-date use of all the technologies that promote their evolution. Not to mention the challenge of identifying opportunities and choosing the most appropriate technologies for each project and type of business.

Therefore, we spare no efforts to always have the best people, processes and tools. Today we are a pioneer in the sector and we partner with the largest providers in the world to meet market demands related to the digital transformation journey. And that happens because we are special.

Why are we so different?

We have a human culture and a relentless focus on quality. We seek to deliver the best in each project, whether simple or complex, a mature client or a beginner in the use of Cloud Computing and Data technology.

What moves us and encourages our progress is the investment in the best professionals and technologies, it is no wonder that we have a highly qualified team and an extensive portfolio where we support companies in all phases: from planning, architecture and migration to management ongoing cloud operations and Data Services.

Always focusing on human relationships and on the evolution of the professional capabilities of employees, partners and customers with a lot of empathy empatia e trabalho and teamwork.

We believe that automation and a team of experts are essential parts of having a secure, waste-free and well-managed Cloud. Today we have 170 employees and we have already surpassed 850 active clients. Our presence was consolidated in Brazil and we also started to operate in Argentina and Chile. With this, we have more than 245 certifications and several awards in categories such as company of the year in 2020 and leader in Latin America.

The line between the frontier of innovation and the risk of adopting technologies that have not yet become established in fact is still tenuous. That’s why we always choose to use technologies from leading providers, which associate innovation with commitment and delivery structure, which we extend with our services.


active customers


We evolve with courage, integrity and ethics in order to achieve excellent results.

This makes us much more than a simple Service company. We are the ideal partner for companies that modernize their digital positioning.
Dedalus has a long history of success helping the market choose the most efficient technologies and we teach how to use them accurately in their projects. That’s why we are leaders.


This name was inspired by Greek mythology

We value the ability to deliver each challenge with genius, creativity and solutions that impact the history of our customers, technology partners, employees and the market as a whole.


To connect companies, people and technologies helping them explore their maximum potential.​



We follow a complex of values, ethical and moral principles.


We understand and respect the other people’s point of view and emotions.


Transparency and authenticity are present in our routine, correctly and honestly.

Evolve with Courage

We believe that courage is essential to transform ourselves and the world.

Team work

The success of Dedalus and of its employees is achieved through collective effort.

Excellence with Agility

Security solution that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic to block or allow data transmission and reception.

Focused on people

We care about the well-being of all groups, employees, suppliers, partners and customers.

Customer delight

We provide a customer experience generating immense satisfaction.

Skills and Certifications

AWS Premier Consulting Partner MSP

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP (Managed Services Provider)

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Snowlflake Recognized Data Services Specialists

Recognition and Awards

Vencedor Latam Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022

Recognized as Partner of The Year by Microsoft in three categories

Leader in ISG Provider Lens Multi Public Cloud Services 2023 study

Rising Star in Implementation and Integration Services in Oracle Cloud and Technology Ecosystem do ISG Provider Lens report

Latam Leader in Cloud and Data Services according to Frost & Sullivan

Best position of a Latin company in the TOP 250 MSPs world ranking, according to Channel E2E

Our clients

We have a vast portfolio of clients from different segments and sizes. Today, there are more than 850 active customers. Meet some of them:

Success histories

See cases of customers who relied on Dedalus to support their digital transformation.