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It is comprised of a multidisciplinary team and specialists in solutions.

CoE Dedalus is composed of a multidisciplinary team of specialists and aims to validate hypotheses, carry out project feasibility studies and propose innovative solutions.

  • Cloud computing

  • AI/ML

  • DevOps

  • Migration

  • Database

  • Big data

  • Analytics

  • Data visualization

Demonstration, Hands-on lab and Quick Projects for your business!

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Join a virtual hands-on demo or lab with one of our instructors and learn how Dedalus can help you use emerging technologies.


  • Introduction to the Excellence Center Dedalus
  • Specialized technicians
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Demo live

Hands-on lab

  • Discover Dedalus’ environment
  • Test an emerging technology
  • Use and configure your own environment
  • Try our support

Quick Projects

  • Connect your data
  • Run your workload
  • Actual performance and costs
  • Dedicated team throughout the project

How can we help you?

The Center of Excellence enables tests on the following technologies:

Infra as a Code

Data processing centers controlled and provisioned through configuration files. Agility and strategy in a primordial practice for DevOps teams.


Serverless computing that allocates resources on demand and doesn’t keep them saved in its memory. Simplifying the operation and consequently reducing costs.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are basically integration and continuous delivery of applications through automation in the cloud development stage.


Approximating developers to software operators to get platform automation in order to ensure fast and quality deliveries in cloud environment infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence automatically collects and stores data in the cloud, helping developers deliver secure and much more efficient interfaces. It is the solution of a problem even before the user himself can identify it.


Storage, management, analysis and retrieval of information for strategic business decision making. Agility, risk reduction and cost management are just some of the benefits that the Dedalus cloud database offers.

Data Analytics

They are cloud solutions that analyze and deliver conclusions about a group of information, allowing more assertiveness in the application of business data.

Machine Learning

This solution is about cloud applications that identify patterns through information from Big Data and/or Data Analytics, performing analyzes and delivering specific answers with greater speed and efficiency.

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