Data Professional Services

Does your company have data that needs to be consolidated, monitored, accessed and shared? We can help treat them safely, quickly and efficiently.
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Our professional data services are designed to help organizations become more agile in how they access, share and incorporate their data, thereby ensuring high levels of governance, security and information quality.

Benefits gained from our professional data services

Maximum potential of exploited data

With our professional data services, the potential of your business data will be explored, ensuring faster, smarter and safer decision-making.

Recognition of new business opportunities

Get concrete insights that will help you secure new projects and acquire new customers or even optimize existing customers to accelerate your business growth.

Greater governance

More agility, security, scalability and defined processes to provide access to data. In addition, your business also gains greater cost control.
Our professional data services can be performed independently or jointly, whatever your business scenario is.

Check out how we can serve your company here:

  • Assessment
Data migration
What can we do for your company?
  • Migration (cloud)
  • Load/sizing tests
  • Performance optimization
Data Engineering

Our professional data solutions design and implement scalable, reliable and robust platforms in cloud environments. We build, deploy and test scalable and reliable architectures for your data.

How do we help you with your corporate data?

1. Collection and cleaning:
  • Data extraction
  • Ongoing management
  • Data ingestion
  • Data Engineering Assessment
2. Storage:
  • Data Lake Structuring
  • Architecture optimization
3. Analysis:
  • Data Warehouse Structuring
  • Semantic layer structuring
  • Data governance

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