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When it comes to the cloud, Dedalus offers complete management, 24×7, carried out by our specialized and certified team.

Our services range from migration and implementation to optimizing your cloud environments. Make technology a competitive advantage for your business and count on our cloud management experts!

Hire modularly and according to your needs

MSP (Managed Service Provider) competence recognized by partners

Certified professionals with extensive experience in cloud management

Our goal is to support your company’s journey through the main cloud solutions on the market: AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud and our cloud services.

Let our team monitor, leverage and manage your cloud.

Managed Cloud Services

  • Continuous cloud management
  • Control computing environments in a dynamic and scalable way
  • Efficient cost management

Professional Cloud Services

  • Implementation and migration to the cloud environment
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Follow-up with certified and qualified specialists

Dedalus exists to help companies maximize the benefits of cloud technologies that make up digital transformation.

We support your IT structure so that your organization can achieve maximum efficiency and competitiveness in business.

Get to know our cases in Cloud Services

Automation of internal processes made Fibra a true digital bank

Banco Fibra invested in internal digitalization and adopted the continuous management of its data in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with support from Dedalus.

Autodoc migrates its systems to the AWS cloud and increases its operational efficiency with support from Dedalus

See how the company increased its operational efficiency by migrating its systems to the cloud with the support of Dedalus.

Dedalus has partnership with the best cloud solutions companies on the market.

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