Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Our managed services for Microsoft 365 consist of management, ongoing monitoring, technical support, adoption planning, and proactive evolution of environments enabling excellence in full adoption of key applications.
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Our Microsoft 365 Managed Services provide your business with:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Adoption plan
  • Proactive evolution of environments
  • Efficiency in the complete adoption of the main workloads of SaaS solutions (Software as a Service)

Check here the workloads that make up our pillar of Managed Services for Microsoft 365

  • Risk-free migration.
  • Planning and control.
  • Technical support in migration.
  • Domain and user provisioning.
  • Ensuring the operation of the environment with as little downtime as possible.
  • Structuring sites and teams in Microsoft Teams.
  • Support in the broad use of messaging, productivity and collaboration tools.
  • It ensures that users have access and adopt the use of available services.
  • Corporate device management.
  • Commitment to the compliance and security policies.
  • Fulfillment of transformation needs in communication, collaboration, security and compliance processes.
  • Management, administration and support of advanced security features.

Being concerned about a better management in each one of the pillars, Dedalus also uses as bases the elaboration and application of operational plans and management of IT services.

Adoption plan

We prepare an operational plan directly linked to your business needs including monitoring the environment to analyze the level of use of the contracted tool as well as training and webinars to empower users.

The adoption plan may contain:

Report containing usage indicators for each resource.
Tools adoption strategies, supporting the best use of each of the resources for users and for contracted licensing management.
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Setup and migration

Creation of the entire structure for licensing and provisioning of services and users, following the planning defined in the project kick-off. We have a sector dedicated to project implementation and management activities, applying best practices until the complete delivery of Microsoft 365 Managed Services.

Assisted Operation

We carry out the post-Go-Live follow-up remotely, with the necessary support in the first moments of using our tools. Everything to avoid impacts on the operation and productivity of your company.


ITSM follows the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards – which establishes a set of detailed best practices for managing IT services.

Through a unified IT platform, it allows workflows to be better structured and controlled in addition to the integration between monitoring tools, customers and partners, automation of processes with standardization through a catalog of services.

The customer can also follow through dashboards with the operational cockpit in real time of the queues, making our IT operations management much more efficient and transparent.

Service Indicators

We provide real-time reports with service indicators to your customers with information related to the environment managed by us.
The online managerial book can be accessed through the call opening tool for real-time consultation, containing the following information:

  • Follow-up on tickets (Lifecycle of tickets)
  • Service Time Analysis - SLA
  • Review of users enabled to access the system
Personalized Customer Service

Possibility of monitoring by the customer, using dashboards with the operational cockpit in real time of the queues, making our IT operations management much more efficient and transparent.

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