Leave the hard work to Snowflake’s cloud platform and Dedalus services while your team focuses on what really matters to your business.

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Snowflake is a cloud-native platform that eliminates the need for separate data warehouses, data lakes and/or data marts.

It streamlines processes and enables secure data sharing with all users in the organization.

It’s a simple-to-use service but with great benefits, being able to power an almost unlimited number of workloads simultaneously.

Why contract Snowflake with Dedalus?

Check out the benefits gained with Snowflake

Increased operational efficiency with automations

Leverage data intelligence to make the best decisions for your business. With Snowflake’s automated management, you can securely operate cost-effectively with effortless data governance, availability, and resiliency.

Multi-site secure cooperation

With Snowflake you don’t need to save information in silos or segmented ETL, not even fear uploading it to a network or other unified directory. The platform securely stores this data in the cloud without compromising the accessibility of operations.

Maximum performance with unlimited workloads

With Snowflake’s multi-cluster resource isolation you never have to worry about resource containment again. It offers high scale capability with support for virtually unlimited numbers of concurrent users and workloads.

Performance and speed

The elastic nature of the cloud means you can scale the warehouse as needed. It means that if at any point in your cloud journey, you want – or need – to load data faster or run a high volume of queries, you can do that and then reduce costs and pay only for the time you used.

Storage and support for structured and semi-structured data

Automatic optimization and the way data are stored and queried. This means you can merge structured and semi-structured data for analysis and load it into the cloud database without needing to convert or transform it into a fixed relational schema first.

Competition and accessibility

Snowflake has a unique multi-cluster architecture. This allows queries to the Warehouse without affecting others being molded as needed unlike a traditional data warehouse with a large number of users or workloads.

Seamless data sharing

Snowflake’s architecture allows each consumer to create and manage an account making it possible to share data between different users whether they are customers of the platform or not. This process takes place through reader accounts that can be created directly in the user interface.

Availability and security

Snowflake is designed to operate continuously and tolerate failures with minimal impact. That’s because it’s distributed across the Platform Availability Zones it runs on, whether that’s AWS or Azure.

Besides, it’s SOC 2 Type II certified and additional levels of security — like support for PHI data and encryption on all communications.

Connect your data ecosystem

If you have a diverse data ecosystem or an IoT (internet of things) based database of solutions, you’ll want a cloud-based data platform that offers ease of handling, scalability, and near-infinite expansion.

All your Workloads from a single platform

Data Engineering

Save time with infrastructure management.

Have simple and reliable data pipelines in the language of your choice. Focus on what matters, turning your data into relevant insights for your business.

Data Lake

Provide fast, reliable and secure access to all your data in the cloud. Allow concurrent workloads and optimize your operations through a simplified architecture.

Data Warehouse

Get a single experience across leading public clouds without worrying about administration and maintenance. Get fast, reliable and cost-effective access to your data and support all your customers with advanced analytics tools.

Data Science

Accelerate the collection and processing of internal and third-party data through Snowflake. A platform that allows cross-functional teams to model pipelines according to their structure of choice transforming data into actionable business insights.

Data Applications

Simplify application development. Release new features faster with simplified data pipelines and better engineering efficiency. Let Snowflake handle the infrastructure complexity while you focus on innovating.

Data Sharing

Share data securely and quickly across your entire business ecosystem. Get data-optimized collaboration, reducing costs and enabling new insights.