Snowflake Data

Centralize your data on a single platform.

With Snowflake not only you store all information but also have easy and controlled access in a single source of consultation.

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Snowflake is a data solution that centralizes all your business information, enabling access from different areas without data duplication. The query source is unique, which means that all employees can access the same database, having different views of the same information.

Unlike other solutions, with Snowflake you concentrate all your workloads in one place eliminating the need to save information in silos or segmented ETL. You save time with infrastructure management, have fast, reliable and secure access to all data in the cloud, facilitated internal and third-party queries and processing, simplified data pipelines, and share data quickly and securely.

This makes data management more efficient, which gives you time to get the best insights and make the best decisions.

Fully integrated solution

Almost unlimited resources

Shared and secure ecosystem

Multi-cloud and cross-cloud platform

Single, centralized data source

Efficient and secure data ingestion

In addition, you can scale your Warehouse according to your needs, whether to load data faster or run a high volume of queries. After reducing it, you only pay for the time you used it.

Because Snowflake automatically optimizes how data is stored and queried, you can combine structured and semi-structured data for analysis and load it into the database without having to convert or transform it.

As it is multi-cloud and cross-cloud Snowflake operates on top of other clouds making it possible to integrate with other technologies such as AWS or Microsoft.

What we do for you with Snowflake

Dedalus is a Snowflake Select Partner company, we have a team of specialists to carry out projects such as structuring a Data Lake or Data Warehouse.

Thus, you can explore your data quickly, safely and at a determined cost.

Our goal is to transform data into valuable information for you and your business through a platform that mobilizes your data.

If you are looking for services that contribute to the management, structuring and analysis of data, we can help you.

Data Managed Services

  • Data migration
  • Data collection and cleaning
  • Data storage
  • Data Warehouse Structuring and Governance
  • Data exploration

Professional Data Services

  • Mapping of data sources
  • Data cleaning
  • Data crossing
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Data exploration

Learn how the partnership between Dedalus and Snowflake works