ServiceNow allows users to manage projects, teams and customer interactions through a variety of applications. Centralize people, jobs, functions, flows and systems in a single place, making the delivery of Managed Services even more complete and robust.

Get to know Coud Managed Services

Named one of the most innovative companies in the world by Forbes, ServiceNow is a service management solution powered by a single data model enterprise cloud platform.

It offers scalable services that increase productivity and create differentiated experiences for all employees.

By integrating it into our Service Levels, the platform becomes the foundation of all digital workflows as it has the ability to bring functional areas together and provide a single window of visibility.

Discover some benefits of having ServiceNow incorporated into Dedalus Service Levels

  • ITSM on a single platform
  • Increased IT productivity
  • Troubleshooting with AI
  • Automating DevOps change approval
  • Resilient service experiences
  • Integration with various technologies and tools
  • Call tracking
  • Full visibility into service history
  • Real-time analytics

In addition to all these benefits, the Dedalus and ServiceNow partnership brings a service model focused on identifying and correcting problems through tasks, activities and processes, separated by cloud services.

Unified platform

O gerenciamento de operações e serviços pode ser otimizado através de uma plataforma baseada em nuvem que gera maior visibilidade do ambiente de TI para que nossos especialistas tomem as melhores decisões.

Foresee problems and make better decisions

Com experiências inteligentes orientadas por aprendizado de máquina e agentes virtuais, a Dedalus consegue obter respostas e informações de forma rápida. Assim, é possível ter acesso às informações, fazer previsões e automatizar tarefas repetitivas.

Call tracking

Ao abrir um chamado, é possível quebrá-lo em diversas tarefas conforme necessidade. Além disso, todos os chamados são auditados. Isso quer dizer que é possível visualizar um histórico do atendimento para avaliar e estruturar melhor os analistas.

Dedalus and ServiceNow partnership

In addition to being an ITSM tool that integrates several tools, it manages in a single place, offering dynamic, fast and assertive management.

We value the transparency of all processes. From ITSM integration to call tracking and control. We want to provide not only a quality experience but also the best results.

Ensure greater control of your company’s calls with Dedalus and ServiceNow. Receive insights to continuously improve.

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