The partnership between Dedalus and Dynatrace provides better monitoring and observability of cloud environments, making the delivery of Managed Services even more complete and robust.

Get to know Cloud Managed Services

Dynatrace offers powerful solutions that prioritize the digital experience of our application customers. It focuses on process automation and monitoring based on artificial intelligence.

In addition to allowing integration with the largest cloud providers on the market, such as AWS and Microsoft, it also manages applications and infrastructure. All of this within one tool.

And the objective of our partnership with Dynatrace is to promote the support and continuous management of cloud environments through an excellent experience. That’s why we have one of the best tools on the market.

How Dedalus works with Dynatrace

One of the bases of our Managed Services is Observability and Monitoring. With Dynatrace incorporated into our managed services we offer our customers:

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Applications and microservices
  • Application security
  • Optimized digital experience for customers to increase conversions and revenue
  • Business analytics and performance
  • Cloud automation
  • Predict and resolve problems before they happen
  • Valuable insights and data

We also have several differentials

Custom dashboards

Monitoring panels according to need and environment that allow monitoring of everything that happens in applications in real time.

No additional cost

Dynatrace solutions are incorporated into the Dedalus Service Level, which generates more savings for the customer.

Full follow-up

Our team of professionals is extremely qualified in Dynatrace solutions and monitors the client from onboarding to ongoing. Thus, we were able to monitor and deliver the best results.

More efficient and less cost

With the delivery of high-performance applications, companies are able to reduce costs and improve services, becoming increasingly productive.

The Dedalus and Dynatrace partnership came to add resources that facilitate performance and cost management, supporting the scaling of the customer’s environment according to his needs.

This reinforces our position in the market as a leading cloud computing company: we are the best because we also use the best tools on the market.

This is a powerful tool for your business. That’s why we trust Dynatrace to deliver state-of-the-art services to our customers and ensure ongoing management.

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